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Total amout of debt reported to TheCredit App. 



Total amout collected for our customers. 



18% of all accounts are paid in full.

Average debt reported $6,811. 

About us

The Credit App allows contractors, small business owners, and sole proprietors to report defaults and nonpayments from their customers directly to the credit bureaus.

With our Credit App, you can avoid the $200 an hour collection attorneys and the 30% fees from collection agents. You get the same result for a low flat fee and spend the same amount of time it would take to fill out the contract with the debt collector.


All you have to do is fill out the new debtor form, pay the $99, and wait for your customer to call. The customer immediately receives an email and a text letting them know what is going on.


They receive two weeks to pay or dispute the claim and then the balance owed goes on their credit report, right next to your company's name. 

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