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Take back control of your collections. With our easy intergrateion with QuickBooks!

The Credit App

The Credit Apps integration with QuickBooks allows small business owners to easily transfer the data of accounts that are in default. After setting up a free account, The Credit App customers can start reporting these accounts to the credit bureaus. With this service you can avoid the $200 an hour collection attorney and the 30% fees from collection agents. You get the same result for a low flat fee and spend the same amount of time it would take to fill out the contract with the debt collector. Click here or the rocket to create an account and then click Connect to QuickBooks from your account page to start connecting data from your QuickBooks account!

Why intergrate your QuickBooks account with The Credit App? 


Connecting QuickBooks to The Credit App allows you to transfer an account to collections in minutes, all from this website. 


Using our automated debt collection and data furnishing technology, you can further automate your day and concentrate on growing your business, not chasing money already owed to you. 


Stop spending thousands on collection attorneys or giving 30% of the money owed to you to a collection agent. The Credit App gives you the power to collect, all for $40. 


Increase your bottom line by no longer accepting defaults. Start collecting every dollar that is owed to your business. 

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